Day 5

Finally, no impact week has come to an end. When I first thought about this I said to myself, “I can finally go back to normal”. Once I realized I said this, I had a realization that my life had not really changed that much through these 5 days. I did, on the other hand, notice that I was more caring and careful about what I used, what I spent, and how I lived. By saying this, I guess I can say I was having more ho-hum time.

As the last day comes to a close, I go back to my goals and realize that I didn’t really challenge myself because all of my goals were accomplished. I imagined that not eating meat for a week would kill me, but I actually did it. Then I limited myself to only 5 hot showers in a week, but I ended up utilizing only 3. This shows that challenging myself is different than making something hard for myself.

In the end, I learned that everyone can create change if they simply limit or at least stay aware of what they do on a regular day to day basis. I won’t say that after today I will change everything in my life, but from now on I will definitely try to improve my lifestyle and lower my consumption footprint.

Ricardo Romero Jr.


  1. The change didnt seem that great to me either, but it is now making us aware of what we consume every day.

  2. Amen dude. Its little things that make a difference

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