Day 5: A Day To Remember

As I look back upon the week, I realize that much of my goals were achieved despite the tremendous difficulty at times. I did not falter when it came to food or waste or anything of the sort. Today, I had not failed in anything I wanted to do. I even achieved my final goal of giving back. I currently am writing this at the Relay For Life at Mitchell gymnasium. Here, people have been walking around the track for cancer research. There are various activities and a luminary ceremony where the deceased are remembered. When I see people crying over their lost ones, it is extremely touching. It is moving. Something as simple as walking around a track and donating money to a charity means so much to some. It is just ironic that at the end of this NI week I witness and participate in something like this. People might try to be sustainable and lower their impact but at the end, it comes down to helping others. WE can help others by being sustainable. We can help others through charity. In my opinion, this is the most important and influential part of NI week. Giving back should be emphasized more than anything.

Now, my final question for this week is living like this possible? Living with a lower impact possible? Well I do believe it is. Can you live with no impact? Probably not. Everything we do has an impact in some way. Will I continue to try and live a lower impact life though? I most definitely will try but I do like my Chipotle (there is a Chipotle eating contest in an hour ironically). I am very happy I got to participate in this NI project and end it on such a high note. I hope this project continues and that more people can experience what I have this past week.

Daniel Fiorentini

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