Day 5: Finish Line!

Although the day is not over, I will be out of town as of 1:30 so I’m posting now. So day 5! Today has been a very productive day. A five minute shower this morning, minimal waste from dining halls, and reusable mug for coffee in Slayter.

All in all, it’s been a great week. This week definitely took me out of my comfort zone from my every day life. This was a week of self-realization and I realized that I can do this. Small changes in my every day life can have an impact in the world and create less stress in my life.

Molly Willingham


  1. I have tried to get my showers down to five minutes and it has been much harder then I thought. But i t sounds like you had a really great week!

  2. Great job today, Molly! It seems like you did everything possible not to leave an impact with your morning. I too see now little changes I made this week that I can stick to. Congratulations on being done!

  3. Great to see people doing nice on the finishing day!

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