Day 5-Just the Beginning

Today turned out really well and I’m happy to end No Impact by participating in Relay for Life, finally finding a way to give back. I was able to be perfect again in my quest to be a vegetarian and I am really starting to think that it should be something that I should keep up with. It will be even easier when summer produce comes into season. I feel that I have done well overall in the other aspects of the project. I only took two showers all week and was able to hold off on laundry until tomorrow. I created some trash, but most of it was from meal-ex on Tuesday. Energy was tough, but after Tuesday I was able to use my computer a lot less and I have been trying very hard to turn off lights whenever I can. I’m glad to have gone on this journey and I know that I can apply some of these lessons to my everyday life.

Matthew Kennedy

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  1. I can totally relate with you Matt, giving up food, especially meat is not easy but when it is for a good cause it just comes out.
    Great job man!

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