Day 5: Last and Final Day

Today is the last day of No impact week.  I think that this project was a successful and I am definateley going to continue some of the habits that I learned this week!  One of the lessons that I learned this week was that packaging does not need to be required for food and is more of a waste than anything else.  I am going to try to go to slayter with my own binsand mugs to decrease the amount of trash I accumulate.  Another lesson I learned is that all my electronics, and lights do not need to be on all the time.  I was easily able to find light without turning lights on and used windows as natural light (which Denison has a lot of study spaces like this).

I cannot lie and say I am really glad this No Impact Week is over.  One of my de-stressers in life is straightening my hair which I was not allowed to do everyday.  Also when I threw something out, I always felt guilty which is sad but I am glad I will not have any more guilt.

Kelly Kuppler

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  1. I feel the same way and Im planning on continuing with a lot of the same things I have been doing over this past week. Everything was a lot easier than I had anticipated. Good Job making it through 5 whole days!

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