Day 5: The Future

What did I learn this week?

I learned that a 5 minute shower is no easy task. I learned that a light is not necessary in the middle of the day. I learned that a majority of what I throw away is packaging. I learned that nature can be the perfect escape. I learned that it is possible to break habits. I learned that having no impact requires constant effort and thought. And, most importantly, I learned that it is possible for one person to make a difference.

Although my reduced impact this week had a very small effect on our environment, I am confident in saying that with the habits I broke this week, my environmental impact will continue to decrease with time. I know that I no longer need to use paper towels or napkins in the dining hall, I’ve got a guilt-free alternative sitting right in my backpack! I have also decided that the next trip I take to CVS to buy new shampoo,┬áconditioner, face wash, or whatever other product I need, I will look for a brand that is both environmentally friendly and recyclable. Although these two things may seem minor, they are positive steps, going in the right direction.

Zoe Walpuck

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  1. Good job setting yourself goals for the future! It would be so easy just to jump back into living the way we did before this project. It’s really encouraging to read that you plan to keep up the lower impact way of living! I also loved your reflections since many of them sung true for me. Especially the showering- I always took that as a time to relax so shortening that seemed brutal!

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