Day 5: What a crazy week!

My final day of No-impact week was by far my most interesting and unexpected day. So this morning I woke up very late, around noontime, because I forgot to set my alarm clock after a long night of working on my fraternity philanthropy fund raising event and then studying for a couple of my class until early this morning (Sorry Dr. Aguilar for missing class!). Needless to say I didn’t not eat breakfast, but for lunch I got a veggie quesadilla at Slayter, I was glad that I was still able to continue eating like a herbivore but once again I caught myself in the trap of having to toss out the trash from the food packaging. Honestly, the food packaging from Slayter was my biggest No-Impact demon of the week. Because of my busy schedule with classes, football, and fraternity commitments, I am constantly finding myself in Slayter grabbing a quick bite to eat. This afternoon after studying for economics in Higley Hall and participating in the Sigma Chi’s Derby Days final philanthropy event my week quest of being a No-Impact vegetarian finally came to an end. My girlfriend offered to cook me dinner, happily surprised by this I immediately said yes and headed over to the Sunset apartments to indulge myself with some home cooked food! She made some outstanding lemon-pepper chicken breast, cooked asparagus and sliced cheesy potatoes, it was the best meal I have had all semester! Talking with my girlfriend she told me that she bought all natural, free-range chicken breast for our dish. Pumped about this news I gave her a high five and hug and thanked her for the meal. So I guess switching back to meat with this dinner was defiantly the best way to end my vegetarian diet.

It has been one roller coaster ride of a No-Impact week! Originally, I thought that becoming a vegetarian would be the hardest part of my week but actually my trash production ended up being my biggest weakness (I strongly blame Slayter). I was very proud of the fact that I was able to minimize my water usage and just about cut back on almost all energy usage (but not quite because of my computer and cellphone). Overall, I have learned many lesson during this week and they have forever changed my outlook and daily routine with food, trash, water and energy.

No-Impact is the cool THING for this SPRING!!

Thomas Dacey

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  1. That meal your girlfriend made sounds delicious! Good for you for keeping up with No Impact despite your busy schedule. I definitely have also found myself stopping for snacks in Slayter when my schedule gets hectic, and it can be hard to avoid all those wrappers. I’m pretty sure fresh fruit would be the only thing you could buy in there that doesn’t have any packaging. Anyways, congrats on finishing off your last day of NI week!

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