Day 5!

Not so bad to end off the week! Today was pretty easy, like the last few days. By now, it is pretty easy to get used to doing things a bit differently, at least much easier than on Monday. No meat for breakfast, no lights all day, no fan, no individually wrapped food items, less than 5 minute shower, though it was a warm shower, etc. I was very proud of myself today because I think today was  the first day I was able to go the whole entire day without accidentally opening an individually packaged food item. That was sooo hard for me! Never would have thought. I realized that my energy consumption has been pretty bad this week though in regards to using my computer :/. I had four papers to write throughout this week so I could not help, but to use my laptop daily and for multiple hours. Anyways, I have also realized that I was able to put a lot more time into my homework and those papers this week since I did not watch as much TV. I also actually had time to read a magazine this week too! This week was a good experience and I hope to continue some of these things I have been doing throughout the week. I will say though, I am looking forward to having individually packaged crackers with my soup again!



  1. Even though you had a tough week in terms of papers and having to use your computer, good job! I had the same problem because I feel like there wasn’t a day when I could have used it because work and our busy schedules are so demanding and its pretty much impossible not to use it.

  2. As we discussed in class today, I definitely think that it is much harder to do this project when like, Colin, it is not our full-time job. But I think that is part of the experience of this project: adapting to have no impact in different situations. Don’t beat yourself up over the papers and congrats on a great week, sounds to me like you’ve done an excellent job!

  3. Its great that you had such a good experience! I as well recognize the allure of individually packaged foods, and I know that in the future that will be something to continue to watch out for 😛 I also agree that when you don’t have tv to watch you have a lot more time to do other things! Including hw…

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