Day 5!

Today has been great! I’ve been out of my room all day. I realized that my roommate and I never ┬áturn the light on in the morning or really until night ever anyway. But on another note, I was tempted this morning to buy a coffee from Slayter even though I did not have my travel mug on me. I refrained. So this morning while I was checking my mail I realized I had a package to go pick up. I was so excited to have a package because I wasn’t expecting anything. Of course not knowing what it was I immediately thought what comes with a package: trash. My excitement quickly faded when I realized this package would cause my garbage to grow (just because of the packaging) sufficiently. I picked it up anyway. It was only wrapped in a small bag and no foam cushioning or anything. I could even reuse the bag it came in.

I’ve been able to remain vegetarian since my last screw up. It is like we were saying in class the dining halls provide a number of options to make it easy. I would have to say that I kept up with all of my goals for the most part. I only supported one local business, and did not find enough time to participate in an earth day event. I did however keep my goal of showering every other day and I did not exceed my trash limit.

I’m not worried about screwing up the rest of the day like usual. I’ll be pretty preoccupied with Relay for Life. I really enjoyed this week and I think I will definitely keep some of these methods in mind to leave less of an impact in the future.

Mary Nehra


  1. I had a similar experience with the mail! I went to go check my slayter box and once I opened it I realized that I’d have to do something with the box stuffers in my mail box…I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.Its crazy to think about all the box stuffers about school events and classes that get thrown away by students every single day! I’m glad you had a good experience with this week!

  2. My roommate and I were the same about the lighting this week too :]. It is so much easier when the two of you can agree on something. Reading your post made me realize that I picked up a package two days ago. It did not even cross my mind! Oh well….I was able to recycle the box and there was nothing inside of it like foam or those bubble wrappers so thats good.

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