To be honest, this week works pretty well for me. I unplug my charger when I’m not going to use them; I try to take shower in 12 minutes; I restrain myself from buying beverage. At Denison, I do not have a car, a bike. The only vehicles I can use are my feet. Thus, transportation part is not my problem at all.

In my mind, food part is really easy to control. I remember there is a sign at Huffman dinner hall said, “Eat as much you take.” But after I went to college, food choices are really limited. Therefore, we almost eat potatoes, eggs every day. That is why we waste lots of food at dining hall. I also found out that most of my friends prefer to eat at Slayter especially Slayter stated to provide dumplings. All in all, food is not an easy part instead of a hard part during our No Impact Week.

In the future days, I will try to keep on tract and achieve my goal.

Shuwei Zhang

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