Friday- day 5

You’de think that since it was the last day of “no impact week” that I wouldn’t forget about it but of course I did. I wouldn’t say that I did anything that was too impactful though because I feel like this whole week is becoming more of a routine. If fact, i’ve been thinking I might continue with it for the most part because it doesn’t seem to be a bid problem for me. I had a typical day, pretty similar to most days this past week. Like yesterday, it was really beautiful outside so I spent most of it in the sun. This left me pretty much no time for my computer and phone, which is perfectly fine with me. I feel like on days when I don’t have much to do, like Fridays when i’m done with classes at 10:20, I don’t do anything but sit on my computer and use my phone. So, today was a nice refresher and a good way to end “no impact week.”

Piper Tompkins


  1. Very glad you got to end the week with some ho-hum time! It def. feels very good

  2. Being outside is pretty awesome with weather like we had. I actually went for a run in the Bio Reserve. Like you said, that was a nice way to end the week. Good to hear that you are going to keep up some of these practices too. We all should, and if everyone in the world could, that would make a big difference. Good luck!

  3. You made it through a tough week, even if today didn’t go so well! Maybe you should make up for today tomorrow? Either way stay positive and have fun out in the sun!

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