Last day! =)

I cant believe that this last day is over I clearly remember the first day and thinking how long it was going to be to be NI for a whole week! I can say that I am proud of myself of knowing that I did for a week and even more knowing that I was able to do it and I am as complete as I was before. I think that this project has taught me to many new things and better ways of living and not harming the environment. I can say my last day I felt was a regular day.. I think that as humans we can adapt so easily to new things and this is a clear example of how we do so. this last day felt as a regular one. I woke up and didnt turn the lights on, took a 5 min shower in pretty chilly water. When washed my hands didnt use any paper towel, which is a great improvement for me since I never got out of the bathroom with my hands wet because then I would get too cold. I also walked so many stairs for my classes and didnt even feel it was something hard. I had tuna for lunch and a salad and didnt even had a desire for some read meat. I think this day was a perfect day to close up the week in a great way. I am so happy i did NI week! I am definitely going to try this in Ecuador maybe it will be easier I hope so =) I hope everyone had a great NI last day!

Daniela Troya

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