Last Day! Woot Woot!

My last day was one of my strongest.  I did not eat meat all day, and while I gave up on being a vegan, I felt like with soccer and being active this was a good call.  I did not produce any trash today, (hopefully I wont produce any in the next 5 hours) and I only took 1 shower today.  I only was very energy efficient and did not turn on my TV once today, and only used my computer to write this blog.

But I cannot believe the week is over.  I have had a lot of fun during this week and it has been a great learning experience.  I did not realize how much trash i produced!  The last couple days I have been keeping my trash in a been, and my estimate/ goal of 1-2 items a day was a vast underestimation.  I was producing somewhere close to 4 to 5 pieces a day, and I think if I was not making an effort it would have been two or three times that.  I also did not realize how many times I got to turn the sink in to wash my hands a day, and how much water I use every day.  But overall I think I had a really good week, and met many of my goals.  I would call the week as a whole very successful!

Samuel Mason


  1. Well done Sam! You ended very well. I would agree I was very tempted to give up the vegan thing. It is quite difficult but you worked around it very well especially on the trash!

  2. Way to end on a strong note! Being vegan had to be tough, I’m glad to hear that you were able to keep it up so long. Trash is hard to reduce, but just being conscious about how much you actually produce makes a huge difference.

  3. Sam, sounds like you had a very successful No-Impact Week! great job on finishing strong, I agree with you on the fact that trash production was very tricky to keep low while being a student here at Denison.

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