Last Day!

I can’t believe how quickly this week flew by. Overall I am very inspired by how easy it was to make little changes in my life to reduce my impact. For example, I know that from now on I will be taking very short showers, because I realize I had no need for long ones in the first place. I end up saving time, water, and energy (from the water heater). This summer in Minneapolis I am going to try and get my family to turn on the lights as little as possible or not at all during the day, to buy mostly local food at the farmers market, and to consumer less in general. My parents actually already either bike to work or take the city bus…they’re better at No Impact than I am when it comes to transportation.

As for my last day, I would say it was my most successful. I took a three minute shower. Brought my reusable coffee mug to breakfast. Only ate at Curtis. Composted any food that I didn’t eat. Only piece of trash was a gum wrapper!

Congrats everyone on making it through NI week!

Eleanor Gates

pumped for NI week!! :)

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  1. Your only trash was a gum wrapper? I’m impressed. I make a lot of trash, I guess. And I chew a lot of gum. I agree that this week went by fairly fast. Good to hear you are going to try to keep up the changes too. I’ve been talking my parents into doing a CSA. These are little lifestyle changes that I think can make a huge difference. Good luck as you continue this project at home.

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