Not bad Thursday

Thursday was a pretty busy day for me. I went down the hill twice carrying a violin and had like four classes. Another no-breakfast day. Lunch was pretty good, I kind of forgot what I had..All I remember was that I had only vegetables. After the rehearsal, for the first time I was lucky enough to get into the Curtis dining hall for dinner. I got inside at about six thirty and had some drink and meat only. Since I didnt have too many meals and was so hungry at that moment, I guess it would be ok to be non-vegetarian for a while. Above all, my fourth day of the no impact week seems very successful because I only had some food at the dinning hall and didnt use any transportation. Then at night I took a really short shower like only four minutesРmy shortest shower ever

Jianda Bai


  1. Hey man, I have no idea how you can do it walking up and down the hill various times, plus carrying a violin! I have to say WOW, because it that were me, I would have asked anyone for a ride to go down the hill on a regular basis. But yeah, great job and keep up the good work and hopefully you continue to live sustainably .

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