Veggie Strawsss! Day 4

I Finally took the plunge! Almost literally. I took a cold shower and it felt like I jumped into a bucket of ice water. I’m pretty sure it was under a 2-minute shower and for that I am proud! Today I tried to encourage m friends to have a smaller impact on the world and they all rolled their eyes and said things like, “this is why I’m not taking an ENVS class.” Ah well, at least I tried. I’m also trying to avoid foods in wrappers so my favorite snack, Veggie Straws, are off-limits. It didn’t bother me at all the first three days but I’ve been craving salt today like nobody’s business. My favorite thing to do is to scoop insane amounts of salsa onto the Veggie Straws, and now that I’m not eating the Veggie Straws I’m at a loss as to what to eat my salsa with.

After I pushed the bag of Veggie Straws to the back of my closet, I was still craving salt. Nothing I could think of in my room could keep me on the No-Impact track, so I went down to the first floor and filled a water bottle with ice. I worked on homework while munching on frozen water, and surprisingly I loved it! I’ve always liked ice, but I never knew how interchangeable it is for me with junk food. I guess I just eat for something to do while I study, so it’s nice to have an alternative to junk foods. It took me about 10 minutes to eat the ice in the first water bottle so I went down and filled 2. Six water bottles of ice later my left hand was completely numb and my friends were laughing themselves stupid at my “real food” alternative. I’m sticking with it though, it’s great limiting myself because I’m learning ways to substitute unhealthy foods out of my diet.

After housing lottery I spent an hour on the computer because I skyped with my mother and grandmother. It was really nice seeing them, and since tonight is my grandmother’s last night in the house she has lived in for the past sixty years, I decided it was worth a little extra computer time.

One day left!

Caroline Kahn

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