You’d think I’d be good at this….

Not the project… the blogging. Despite how much damn time I waste on my computer (definite prob in the energy  theme- I need to get a book… or a hobby), for some reason I am obviously not capable of remembering to write on this blog…

Waste- My waste generation has definitely decreased throughout this project, however, it wasn’t very large to begin with. I always recycle my paper, cardboard and plastics and do not really generate much trash throughout the day. It also helped that the waste management day fell on a Tuesday… those are the days I sleep for hours, so there I didn’t do or buy much that generated trash. Between the water and waste days, i’ve noticed how much I drink water. I used to just stop by the vending machines in Shorney and buy a bottle of water. I own reusable water bottles that I am able to fill up but usually don’t choose to use it because I never think the water from the water fountain is cold enough for me… but I also have a fridge I can keep my water bottle in as well as a freezer to make ice, so that leaves me with my most common excuse- I’m just lazy. I have started to make it a routine to fill up my reusable water bottles instead of purchasing a plastic one, yay.

Food- The only time I eat in Curtis is for breakfast; I can’t stand the food and smell of the place for any time else. Unfortunately, that is the one place where you can generate relatively no waste. I bought value sized bags of trail mix, chex mix, and pretzels before the start of the semester… and they are only half gone. I don’t get very hungry throughout the day but if I do eat lunch, I just grab a few handfuls of those snack in my room. When I bought those large bags, I guarantee I didn’t have waste management in mind. But I’m glad I chose to purchase those; I don’t generate trash by purchasing smaller, individual sized bags of food. My dinner varies all week. Its a mix between easy mac, a pb&j I’d make in my room, meal-x, Subway, or a restaurant in town. I generate waste through all of those options besides the restaurant, I guess. More conscious of my decisions, when I get Subway, I now eat it there and ask them to not wrap it in their second sheet of paper and not put it in a bag, I just use that small white paper as my plate. Meal-x, unfortunately, is practically impossible to participate in without generating trash. Food has definitely been one of the most challenging themes for me.

Sasha Mandros

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