Day 5- And we’re done!

Today’s post is late because I was at Relay for Life last night. It was a great time! Unfortunately, eating dinner there meant that I wasted a lot more than I usually did on my meals since the plates and cups were all disposable. I should have brought a water bottle however it slipped my mind entirely.

Other than Relay,I did pretty well. I was really craving French Fries, so I put them on a plate rather than the basket that has a paper liner. I noticed that I feel healthier overall when I take the stairs and eat less meat so I’m going to keep that up. My shower was 7 minutes last night in cold water, because I shaved. I felt bad using shaving cream since it just goes down the drain, but I didn’t have any alternatives on me. I also had to do laundry pretty badly, but I just threw some of my things in loads of my friends’ stuff that would have been washed anyway.

Glad No-Impact opened my eyes so much, though I can’t wait to have a hamburger.

Caroline Kahn

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