Day Five: We’re Done

Well, we finished. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I met most of I goals. Shorter showers was hard, but I did shorten them significantly. All my garbage fit into the bottle, so that was a success. I was disappointed that I still had more trash than Dr. Aguilar though. I guess I eat a lot in individually wrapped food. Other than that though, I’m pretty satisfied. Meat will be welcome addition back to my diet. I got really sick of that in the dining halls this week. I was glad we did this all week. Once you get into a habit, it’s easier to keep it up. I’ll definitely continue to use less stuff now. The difference is, I won’t have to feel totally guilty about throwing stuff away, even if it’s still bad. So, I had a good time. I think we all helped the world just a little bit. Hopefully these changes will continue beyond this week and beyond this school.

Conner Toth

Conner Toth '15 Geoscience Major Spanish Minor


  1. nice, the importance of the NI week is not only NI for the week, but to be NI in the future.

  2. Wow Connor, congrats on getting all your garbage to fit into a bottle! That’s definitely impressive. And I agree with you, I think we definitely all helped by participating in this project, and hopefully we’ll all carry over at least some of the habits we picked up.

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