Final Day

I just got back from relay for life and I feel very satisfied. I was able to make a small lifestyle change that really represents something. I never thought I could go a week without a hot shower but I managed to do it. There a definatelly many things that I still would have had to work on this week. This is by no means an easy task.

My last day was my best day. I woke up around 8 didn’t shower and grabbed breakfast. I only ate fruit and had a glass of water to drink. I managed to keep my lights out for the majority of the time I was in my room during the day and I left all my unused appliances unplugged just like I’ve been doing for past week. I kinda want to continue doing what I’m doing. Its a difficult change but there’s really no change at all in daily routine just certian things that you’re conditioned to.

Torin Jeffreys

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  1. It’s impressive that you didn’t shower at all this week! I shortened mine, but not doing it at all is extreme commitment! Also good job minimizing electricity! That was a really hard part of NI week for me!

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