impact week evaluation

Well, no impact week is over and I’m glad to say that I have survived!  In honesty, it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I was surprised by how easily I picked up habits that I thought would be really annoying.  The easiest goal for me to maintain was my energy goal.  Unplugging stuff just wasn’t that hard once I got in the habit.  The most challenging goal for me was definitely food.  I just was very reluctant to give up certain foods like meat and bananas, and our options are so limited in the dining halls.  Water consumption was also difficult because the short, cold showers got more annoying as the week progressed.  I think that most of the goals are reasonable for me to maintain after this week.  Recycling more is definitely going to continue to happen now that I am more educated about what I can and cannot recycle, and the same goes with composting.  I will definitely try to continue taking shorter showers as well, and look into buying more ec0-friendly products when it is time for me to restock.  I think that adding one goal each day was better than doing them all at once.  I would have been overwhelmed with everything if we had done it all the entire week.

My perspective on consumption definitely has changed after this week.  I had to be so aware of what I was buying and it made me recognize how much I purchase that is unnecessary and wasteful.  I think that it is so easy to go through life oblivious about the impact we are making.  I care a lot about the planet, and am excited to further align my actions with my values after this week is over.

Jenna Marchese

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