Closing Time

Just because this week is over doesn’t mean I’m leaving it behind. I’ve picked up some really great habits that I want to continue, but I’ve also experienced some things that I’m pretty sure I won’t keep up with. I’m most excited to keep up with limiting my energy consumption. I’ve found it ridiculous to leave things plugged in that I’m not using, especially my desk lights and computer charger. I have two desk lights and don’t use either of them, so those will remain unplugged for the rest of the year. I remember that before NIW I left my hairdryer plugged in from before I left for classes until I got back, which is also ridiculous. I will definitely return to using my various hair tools, but just smarter!

The hardest part of this week was food, which I’m not sure how I’m going to fix. I guess when it gets nicer out and there is more in season than squash, I can work on the local aspect. I did go to the farmer’s market on Saturday though and bought some local things! I bought salsa and cheese, two things I missed a lot during NIW. The salsa came in a jar which I can reuse for whatever, and there was less packaging on the cheese than there would be in a regular package of string cheese (my guilty pleasure).

I want to work on products a lot more in the future. I was pretty bad about those on Friday and Saturday, and I see room for improvement. There are a lot of products out there that I could start using, but didn’t use this week because of my goal to not spend money or create copious amounts of waste. Last week my sister made me a lemon scrub that she created with sugar, olive oil, lemons, and mild Dial soap, so I used that on Friday and Saturday. I know all of those homemade mixes and concoctions seem weird, but I feel like they probably work. I would love to explore things like that, but no to the point that I walk on my laundry in a bath tub like the No Impact Family.

Adios, NIW!

Lucy Jobe

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