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This week was not exactly what I had expected. I thought that I would try to d mall of the things and maybe some of them would stick while others wouldn’t even cross my mind. What actually happened was that I was pretty aware of all of the themes pretty regularly. I found myself telling other people that they should compost something or to take shorter showers. I started to share a lot more with others about the little things I was doing to lower my impact. I think that manny of the things I did this week I will continue with, which I did not anticipate at the beginning of the this week. Many of the things mostly waste, energy, andy water have become habitual for me.

The most challenging was definitely waste and food because it was hard to think about making a lower impact until after I had the waste and I had no other way around creating it. I tried to think about it before I ate something with a swapper or used a plastic utensil, but it was harder than I anticipated. The easiest part was a water and energy. I’m not sure why it was easier to make these cut backs more of a habit than the other ones. Transportation was pretty easy too because I just avoided using a car and tried to walk every where that I could even if I was feeling very lazy.

My perspective has completely changed on our consumption and what each of us can do to lower our impact. We don’t all have to be as extreme as the no impact family, but if we can all do little things like take shorter showers or unplug things that we aren’t using then all of us can make a difference. We don’t even realize what an impact we have but once we are made aware of it and how we can chage a few things easily we are more willing to make that change. I think it was easier to fulfill each of these themes by breaking them up into separate days because then you aren’t thrown right into it but rather you have time to deal with each theme individually.

Taylor Pavlik

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  1. You are right! We do not have to be extreme, but all we can do is just combining little things together. In other words, we can separate goals from six different parts and achieve our goal one by one. Sometimes, it was really hard to remember all goals together. So we have to remind ourselves every minute. More than that, No Impact Week is not an individual thing in our daily life, instead, is everybody who lives on the earth.

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