Day 5

Time flies really fast. Its like the NI week just started yesterday. My fifth day of No Impact was not very good, but still satisfying. No breakfast. However, I felt guilty about taking a car to the Granville market. Because I need to buy a lot of stuff to get ready for the final week. Its really difficult to carry that heavy bags up the hill. I had lunch at the dining hall and didnt waste any food as usual. I had only one hamburger and a cup of root beer. Besides, I had some cookies and vegetables. In order to save more energy, I didnt go to the dining hall for dinner. Instead´╝î I stayed inside my room and skyped my friend. I cannot believe the NI week is ending so fast. I feel really impressive how much I’ve done and how little impact we can make if people care. This is a very meaningful week.

Jianda Bai

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  1. OF course this week is gonna go fast. WE were all so busy with worrying about what impact we made that the time just seemed to hurry by. I am also impressed with myself of how capable i was of such a drastic change in lifestyle.

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