Day 5: Coming to a close

This day seemed to be the easiest in regards to being aware of what I was consuming.  I thought I’d go out on a high note and didnt charge my phone or computer, didn’t take a shower, and I didn’t shave.  I only ate at Curtis today and I had no food to throw away.  Through this project I came to realize its impossible to not make an impact on the world.  Especially as a college student in which technology running on electricity is essential to college life.  Papers are typed on the computer which is plugged into the wall and we sit in classrooms with the lights on all day.  We try our best here at Denison with recycling and programs like Bike Share but it is just slowing the process of the earth and her resources going away.  It might be too difficult for everyone on the planet to try and live without an impact, but the more people that try, the better.

Zach Fleming

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