Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everybody! Reflecting upon No Impact Week, I realized that there are so many easy ways to reduce my impact that I was not previously aware of.  It takes about two seconds to unplug my power strip and I’m starting to be aware of just how much energy that it saving.  It keeps my phone charger, computer charger, fan, lights, and iHome off at all times unless I need them, which isn’t very often.  I probably use those  chargers and electronics for a total of 2 hours each day, if that.

The most challenging parts of No Impact Week were by far waste and food.  They kind of go hand in hand too.  It’s difficult to completely reduce my waste because when I’m on the go from class to class or from lab to practice I really need a granola bar or something of the sorts to get me through those couple of hours.  But as the week went on, I conditioned myself to reach for an apple or banana instead.  And from there, I can easily compost the remainders.

The easiest aspect has been the transportation and water.  I didn’t get in a car once this week , which also prevented me from saving money.  No shopping and no dining out makes for a happy wallet and bank account! Water was relatively simple once I got into the swing of taking short showers and always turning off the faucet I was able to cut down my water usage quite a bit.

After this week I will definitely continue to unplug my power strip, turn off the lights, keep my computer off, and take shorter showers.  They are all incredibly simple tasks that can save a lot of energy and money!

My perspective on consumption as changed in the sense that I am more aware of how much garbage and waste I produce.  I never realized how many things I am constantly throwing away, especially the little things like wrappers and tissues.  They really add up! Adding our goals one by one made it easy to manage and get into the habit of making changes.

Sarah Fleming

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  1. Sarah-

    It seems like you have gained a much greater appreciation for the many simple ways and methods of shifting behavior. I have to agree with you that a lot of painless activities like unplugging chargers and taking shorter showers are much easier to adapt to than I would have anticipated and expected. I too was amazed throughout the week at how many items I throw away on a regular basis, so it was definitely a worthwhile effort to try and adjust that behavior.

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