Earth Day

I made it!  What surprised me the most was how often I leave my electronics plugged in and computer/phone on.  It is not needed, but I just do it out of laziness it seems.  How much trash I accumulate surprised me a lot as well, I had to catch myself from throwing so much stuff away.  The most challenging goals for me were to unplug electronics and compost foods and try not to add to the amount of waste in the world. The easiest goal would have to be the shower and water saving aspect.  I thought this was going to be by far the hardest task, but it was the easiest.  I think all my goals are something that I want to continue to maintain after No Impact Week.  It’s important to recycle and unplug something when you aren’t using it, no matter what.  My perspective has definitely changed because before I never really thought of what I was throwing out or what happens to it or where it goes, but now I’m more conscious of what I throw away daily and the impact my waste could have on the world.  I think it’s better to add one goal each day because if you add them all at once it can get overwhelming (believe it or not) and I think when there is one goal each day your focus is set on that specific goal and accomplishing that goal.  When you have  a lot on your mind it can get challenging, which is great, but it’s important to also be sure to accomplish something and make an impact.

Sabrina Thibault


  1. Sabrina, I agree with you when you mention that it is easier to focus on one goal per day. Changing habits are definitely hard for me to do and being required to focus on one specific action throughout the day kept that single goal in the front of my mind all day. I could really zoom in on my personal consumption.

  2. I definitely agree with everything that you have to say. Overall, I thought this week was structured very well and allowed us to focus on our specific goals step by step. If we had done everything at once, I would have been overwhelmed and more inclined to skip out on something instead of focusing on each aspect individually. In addition, adding something new each day really helped change my perspective. It allowed me to see which specific things were harder than the others and allowed me to see which aspects I need to pay more attention. I just like you found it hard to unplug all of my electronics at first, especially because a lot of the plugs are located underneath my bed or other inconvenient places. Before, I was just too lazy because I didn’t want to crawl under my bed to reach them. But, this week has made me realize that I honestly use all of those plugs for like a total of two hours at most. So the other 22 hours in the day when they were not in use, I was just wasting all of that energy. This no impact week has made me realize how much energy I was guzzling and made me feel ashamed of my bad habits. I am always going to remember to unplug everything from now on. Finally, I, just like you, was scared about having to cut back on my water use, but this also turned out to be the easiest thing for me too. There’s no need to take such long showers or use as much water as we normally do when brushing our teeth. This week really made that clear to me and the no impact week was a great thing. Everybody should be required to do it.

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