Earth Day

Mostly what surprised me the most regards the amount of concentration the week takes. Our habits so easily prevent us from achieving the goals we set. A person needs to take full consciousness in all their activities to know if they consume too much energy or water or produce too much waste. With this in mind, the constant consciousness about reducing impact did not necessarily cause a strain or extra work. It just requires more awareness of your everyday actions. In some cases it caused less work. For example, with shorter showers and shorter time in front of the sink you have more time to do other things. It may not provide a whole lot of extra time but still it gives you something.

Waste most noticeably took the lead for most difficult goal. I found it hard to remember everything I used and disposed of. For example, I forgot about all the little q-tips and floss I use. I found reducing water the easiest goal to achieve. Besides drinking water I only had to reduce my shower and sink use. I normally do not take long showers so reducing that did not affect me much. Reducing sink use also was easy since I only use that to brush teeth and wash hands. After this week I could definitely maintain my energy goals and my water goals. Both goals just reduced consumption to a reasonable level. My perspective has not changed a whole lot since I still had an impact this week. I also was not living sustainably. I just reduced my impact. Adding all goals each day helped because it made some goals habitual before you had to pile on the rest. So if this was applied to a whole society maybe adding practices slowly would work best.


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