Its been real, and its been fun…

This project was so simple but required a surprising amount of effort. Like we’ve discussed in class, it’s not simple to change habits, especially ones that remove things you like and want, like what Sabrina was mentioning last class period. I found the easiest theme to adapt to the energy theme. Yes, it required a small amount of effort on my part, but reducing my energy consumption was simple and necessary. I definitely see most of the changes I made this past week becoming habits. People don’t realize how simple it is to positively impact the earth. However, it will be interesting to see how my actions change over the summer, what becomes harder or easier to maintain. I predict the energy, waste and food to remain easy to keep up with. Transportation will become tougher because of the necessity of an automobile to get to and from in my town. I’m still working on the water… And my product consumption is currently the hardest/worst of the themes. Its just insane how much crap I own, just ask my father. Then again, once I get a job this summer, I will definitely become more conscious of what I am purchasing because it will be coming out of my own bank account! Overall, I am very glad we were required to do this project. I felt it was better to focus on one theme each day; it was not only easier, but it helped us focus on how much of that particular thing we consume and the amount of effort it takes to change your habits concerning that topic.

Sasha Mandros

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