Last Day, Earth Day!

No Impact week has definitely forced me into some new, positive habits that I will carry over past this designated time. Something that really surprised me was how lazy I was in the past not wanting to do small things because they may be a little but inconvenient. I still find myself getting annoyed when I remember that I need to simply reach down and unplug my charger once my phone or computer is done charging but I am trying to fix that mentality. If I look at it as something so easy and simple that I can do for the environment then maybe from on I can be happy about doing it instead of feeling inconvenienced. The most challenging goal for me had to of been the waste portion. I never realized the immense amount of waste that I, as well as those around me, produce. It was hard to pay attention to every little thing that I use to see if it would create waste or not. Not using easy packaged foods was difficult but once I got into different habits it was not as bad. The easiest goal for me would have to be transportation. I think that living on a college campus and not really needing to travel anywhere is the main contribution to how easy this goal was to me. I have no reason to drive anywhere so I was not temped to do so.

Goals that are reasonable for me to continue after this week would definitely relate to the energy portion. I think that I have built a solid habit of turning off the lights whenever I am not using them, and unplugging my power strip when I am not using the things plugged into it. This was annoying at first but now that I am getting used to doing it everyday I think that it can be done all the time. I also think that I can carry over the water goals of turning off the water while I am brushing my teeth and washing my face. Once again I think this is simply a habit thing and now that I am getting used to it, it wont be hard to keep it up. My perception on consumption has drastically changed over this week and through taking this course because it has forced me to pay attention to my personal impact on the world around me and keep track of it.

I think it would have been more difficult to start all of the goals on one day but it would have more of a mental impact on us. I do like how it was split up though because it really made us focus on the one area and set personal goals for each different category.

Allie Richards