Last day, new start

Although my reduced impact this week had a only a small effect on our environment, but this no impact week really pushed me to get rid of some bad habits and get into some new ones. Taking a 5-minute shower was not easy for me, but now I can do it, or, at least, I am able to shower within 7 minutes. I have never thought of composting every day but now I can do it.

I thought that composting was the most difficult goal for me , but finally I found out it was not. The most difficult goal was the my energy plan—I often forgot to unplug everything before going bed. I am thinking it maybe because I am a careless guy and I am likely to forget the trivial things. However, I have to admit that my laziness also makes this goal difficult to achieve. Sometimes, I just did not want to do so and leave my computer plugging and go to sleep.  Perhaps a single week is not long enough for me to form this habit but I will still try to continue this difficult goal until I reach it.

The easiest goal for me is to reduce my water use. I am not a big water consumer and my daily showering time is not long, only 10-15 minutes. Thus, reducing shower time to 5 minutes seems unreachable for other people, but it is possible for me. Also, I no longer wash my hair in the morning. Instead, I wash my hair during showering in order to save water. One more thing I need to pay attention to is to buy at least beverage as I can and only drink tap water. Although I have tried not to buy them for a week and I made it , but I cannot promise not to buy it in the next week. In fact, what I really want to do is to buy one bottle of coconut juice right after the end of the no impact week. Forgive me, please…

Overall, this no impact week is quite amazing. We are pushed to take care of the environment by changing habits and then we can push ourselves to do so. This process is really helpful. Although this is the last day of no impact week, but it is also a new start for me. I will definitely continue my positive behaviors and try to do more about environment. At least, I will try to  unplug everything before going to bed.

Gary Wu

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  1. I saw your comment on my post and I think it’s funny how the easiest thing for me to change is the hardest for you! Maybe it is hard to do because it is so simple and can easily escape our minds. I guess we can only truly change habits when they become part of our routines. Hopefully for you that will mean adding unplugging stuff to your list before you go to sleep and for me that will mean not even having to worry about taking shorter showers, I just do it.

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