No Impact Week Reflection

So here we are at the end of NO IMPACT WEEK and to be honest I am surprised about how the week went. When I first heard we were going to cut back on our water use and have to try and only eat locally I almost had a heart attack but now that the week is over I have to say that it was a lot easier than I thought. I guess one factor that helped me to keep up with  my goals was the fact that the entire environmental studies department was participating with me. I think that having that kind of support made cutting back easier. I think that this really supports the idea of leading by example. People really don’t want to feel like the odd man out because being different or having different views than your friends can be scary but once you know that other people agree with you it is easier to try something different.

So now that the week is over I must decide what I would like to continue with. I think that conserving water, even if it was kind of tough, is something to keep up with. I think being conscious of my water usage is a really good thing and I feel better knowing that I will be making a positive impact simply by shutting off the faucet or taking shorter showers. I think one of the other things that will be easy to keep up with is Transportation. Most of the time I find I drive simply out of convenience even though it isn’t always necessary. One thing this week made me realize is that I love walking and that I have spent more time outdoors this week than I have in a while. I want to continue avoiding polluting transportation and start enjoying the outdoors more.

One thing I could suggest for this project in the future would be to add all the goals at once. I think that trying to keep track of which things I was supposed to be cutting back on had a negative affect on my outlook on the week. I think that if we’re going to call it no impact week then we should live impact free all week. I do think that this project has brought a lot of my habits to my attention. I would like to consider myself a pretty environmentally conscious person but this week really made it apparent how much I waste. I want to apply some of the things I learned this week to my daily life so that I can feel good about how I live my life and impact i have on the environment.

Grace Patrick

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