The Last Day

This week was really unusual, because we had to remind ourselves of being “No-Impact Week” person. Even though goals were tough to me, I still think meaningful. More than that, no impact week was not a project any more; it had become part of my daily life already.

Energy Consumption: before the No Impact Week, I plug everything even though I do not use it very often. But now, I changed. I turned off the lights if I was not at room; I unplugged chargers when I really did not have use it; I put as much clothes as I can in the washing machine. These actions list above all show that my habitats changed totally.

The easiest part has always been the transportation. I don’t have a car on campus, thus I walk everyday to all my classes or even Granville market. In other words, it’s another for me saving money. I do not have to go to Easton, or other Chinese restaurants. Actually, I haven’t gone to Easton for 2 months. But this Friday, I went to Easton to watched Titanic which it’s worth. From now on, there are 2 weeks left till I go back home, and I don’t have any chances to take a shuttle to go shopping.

Food part is also easy for me. I do not eat at Slayter very often. Sometimes if I do work, I will not eat dinner at all.

But the challenging part, like I mentioned few days ago, was waste, because I love to drink beverages instead of water. After the No Impact Week started, I tried to control myself. It is successful.

Shuwei Zhang

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  1. I agree, Shuwei. I think No Impact Week isn’t merely a project, it’s about changing your lifestyle in the future. I think this project gave us the push to re-evaluate our lives and habits and it has helped our class become more aware of our actions and their consequences. I did the same things as you for energy, as well as transportation. I think ultimately, No Impact Week with make a footprint in our minds and maybe for you, you’ll still drink bottled beverages, but you might do it less.

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