Day 1: Water

In order to reduce my water consumption I am going to keep my showers under ten minutes and I am going to reduce the cups of coffee I drink from my Keurig by half, a habit I need to break regardless of water consumption. Already, my shower goal has proven to be easier than I had anticipated and I am considering following in the footsteps of my classmates and electing to take cold (or at least colder) showers. The hardest part about today was easily trying to meet my coffee (or lack thereof) goal. I had to get up relatively early this morning and the first thing I did was turn on the Keurig; I don’t even think I opened my eyes first. Even though I am still allowing myself some coffee my initial thought was “do I really need this right now?” Seeing as it was seven in the morning the answer was a clear “YES”, but the fact that I made the conscience decision to use the water means that I was at least aware of my impact (baby steps right?) and at the end of the day, I managed to meet my coffee goal anyway.

I think the hardest part of this week aside from the caffeine headaches, will be using less energy. My primary method to use less energy is to transfer all of my plugs to my power strip and turn that off at night and when I am not in the room. Also, I will try to utilize common spaces where the power will already be turned on to do my work so that I don’t have to use more electricity in my room.


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  1. I was the same way about coffee. I have started drinking coffee this past year and I have slowly become addicted to it. I bought my own cup to use for this week instead of going to Slaytor and buying a new cup every time I go. Doing this I realized you save about 80 cents on each coffee at Slaytor.

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