Day 1-Water Consumption

To start the week off, I decided I needed to do more than just accomplish one goal pertaining to water consumption. I use a lot of water. I take long showers, leave the water running when I wash my face and brush my teeth, and wash the dishes rather inefficiently. Throughout the week I hope to improve upon all of these by reducing my shower time (no more than 10 mintues and I’ll be turning the water off while soaping, shaving, or shampooing), turning off the bathroom sink, and changing the way I do dishes completely (filling one side with soapy water and rinsing at the end). So far, it has gone well. I found that turning the water off in the shower wasn’t actually that bad, and I was able to shower in 7 minutes. It also wasn’t a problem to turn the water off while washing my face and brushing my teeth, I just had to make myself remember to do it because it is habit to leave it running for that 3 or 4 minutes it takes me. The dishes, while we had quite a lot piled up from our busy weekend, seemed to go faster when I used this new method. One of my roommates was very excited, because she has been trying to get us to do the dishes this way since the beginning of the year, but none of us believed her. I think we’re all going to switch over now.

The challenge will be to continue these patterns throughout the week and, hopefully, beyond that. It was easy to do today, but I have to focus on maintaining the effort. When I really started thinking about it I realized that water consumption was probably my biggest issue, since my roommates and I have an otherwise¬† “No Impact” apartment in any way that we can. That said, reducing my water use will probably be the hardest for me during this week, but at least my roommates are behind me 100%. I know they’ll give me a hard time if I start slacking, so I’m not too worried!


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