Day 1 – Water

I was surprised at my ease with reducing water today.  During my shower I turned off the water when I did not need it. I also reduced my shower time by a couple of minutes.  I normally turn off the water while I brush teeth and wash my face so that was no different today.  I wanted to influence others into practicing water reduction as well so I told one of my floor mates to turn off the water while she was washing her face.  In addition, I did not feel like I was giving up much since I have had some practice before. Over the summer I attended a leadership camp that had a motto, “leave no trace” therefore, we would leave our campsites as we found them. We would purify the water we drank and our water supply was mainly for drinking and cooking. We used hand sanitizer to clean our hands before meals instead of water, so that is what I also practiced today.

Moreover, by visiting the waterfootprint.org website I calculated my water usage and found that meats in my diet contributed to a large water usage. As a result, I also reduced my water usage by eating foods that do not require much water like fruits and grains.  I also carried my water bottle around the whole day and reused it to drink liquids.  I predict that Friday will be the most challenging for me since I use a lot of products on a daily basis.


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  1. I commend you on eating grains and reducing your consumption of meet in order to reduce your water usage. I know that is it very difficult to do that. You “leave no trace” camp also sounds very interesting 🙂

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