Day One: Water

The start of No Impact week today has gone pretty well. Throughout the day, I kept thinking of new ways I could reduce my water usage. Turning off the water while I brush my teeth, do the dishes or put soap on my hands are just a few easy examples. I was also able to reduce my shower time to just six minutes today. I also realized that turning off the shower while I shave is another easy way to reduce my water consumption. I have also decided to extend the No Impact week to my roommate. Yesterday, while she was brushing her teeth, she left the water running so I decided to reach over and turn it off, resulting in a slight eye roll. However today, I noticed that she turned the water off herself.  She also has a habit of leaving the lights on when she leaves the room, so I asked her to change that. Later in the day, she came up to me, grinning excitedly, and exclaimed that she remembered to turn the lights off! Hopefully not only will I change my habits through this week and beyond, but she will too.

I think certain aspects of the food day will be the most challenging. I am a vegetarian so I already do not eat meat, but I have a lot of snacks that are individually wrapped. When I went to Wal-Mart on Friday, I tried looking for foods that contained the least amount of packaging but things like granola bars and oatmeal are all individually packaged. However, I was able to find certain organic foods that I could choose over other brands. So far I am enjoying this project because it is making me more aware of what I am doing and how I affect the environment.


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