Getting ready for the week

I thought I would go to the grocery store to get ready to reduce my food impact for the week, but I found it to be quite a challenge. I went to Trader Joe’s (carpooling with friends to get there) hoping they would have more bulk packaging, but I was out of luck.  Everything, though natural or organic, was from all over the world, many in individual packages and not in recyclable containers.  I struggled the most finding packaging that wouldn’t provide waste, only able to get a few items that I can reuse the packaging or recycle it.  I plan on making my own lunches for the week.  Though I will have to throw away the packaging from the items I bought, the quantities are larger, so it probably produces less waste than the individually packaged meals at Slayter.

I took my last long shower yesterday, and will implement my reduced shower time tomorrow, also trying to use less products, as they are all chemicals just being washed down the drain.  I don’t see the reduced shower time as being too hard to accomplish, but I guess I will see tomorrow.  Judging from my luck at the grocery store, I think Thursday will be my hardest day, because it is very difficult to have no impact with food.  I have already utilized my travel mug in Slayter, but it was difficult to walk around Slayter and  not be able to buy any food there.  I’ll try not to starve.



  1. I agree with you that Thursday will be one of the hardest days, especially living here in Granville where it is harder to find a wide variety of options to go organic. IGA is very expensive and going to other places is hard because of lack of public transportation and not everyone can get someone to drive them. Even though eating at the dining halls doesn’t really help the impact on food the upside is that at least trash can be reduced to a minimal amount and it will be easier to compost.

  2. We can definitely find some sort of bulk store around here, it will not be great because i doubt we can find anywhere that will have both large quantities and local food, but we should talk about some ideas for where to find all of this stuff after class tomorrow

  3. I also found it extremely hard to find good food that was not individually packaged! And I’ve tried to accept the fact that I will be a bit hungrier this week than I am normally… but I think it’s great that you plan on making your own lunches this week. I never even thought about that! Unfortunately, I don’t have low-impact food to make my own lunches, so I guess I’ll be trying to reduce my impact in Huffman. Yay.

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