Jordan Dekel-Water Usage

So today marks day one of No Impact week which we are attempting to decrease our water usage. This will probably my easiest day of lessening my impact. I’m usually pretty good at being conscious of my water usage. The only thing I need to watch out for is how many showers I take a day. I usually shower in the morning before classes and then after Cross Country practice. There’s no real avoiding this for me but I’m going to be more conscious of how long my showers are when I do take the two per day. My roommates on the other hand are pretty terrible about watching their water consumption so I’ve been doing my best to tell them to turn off the faucet while they’re brushing their teeth or to limit the length of their showers. They weren’t too happy to hear this from me, but I think that they realize that I am right and need to watch how much water they consume. My water goals were pretty easy to meet today, I only wanted to try and take shorter showers so that wasn’t too hard to meet. Tomorrow for energy though will be pretty tough for me. I tend to leave things plugged in all the time so I will do my best to unplug as many things as I can. I’m pretty excited to try to make as little impact as I can this week. I watched No Impact Man last year and have always wanted to try this so it’s nice to have to try it for a class. Just more reason to go for it.

-Jordan Dekel


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