Sunday, Water-chenchen ke

           Reducing water consumption is not a very easy job for me, because I am very struggle with how to reducing water in my daily life. I like drinking water, but I cannot reduce water through drinking, because water is indispensable in our lives. Therefore, I hope I can save shower time, and keep water recycle, as well as reduce time of the faucet on to reduce water consumption in the next week.

           Firstly, I plan to reduce the shower time. I thought it probably is the easiest one, but I was wrong. I take shower every day, and I will take shower twice a day after running. I probably spend 30 minutes to take shower every time. Although I reduce time yesterday, it was not very successful. I only spent 18 minutes to finish it, but I thought my hair is not very clean, and I did not use the hair conditioner. But I think I do better in the next time, and I plan only take shower once a day.

           Secondly, I think I can recycle water in my daily life. For example, in my family, my mom probably will recycle water which washes vegetables or fruits, and then use it to water the plants or mop. I think I can recycle water to wash my bowls or plates.

          Furthermore, reducing time is the facet on is also very important and useful. I think I can reduce water when I wash hand. I find many people do not close water faucet when they get the liquid soap, which will waste lots of water. I will correct this problem at first. Then I will fasten the facet after using it. According to calculation, if people do not fasten the facet, 4 liters of water would be wasted every day.

         In the next week, I think the most challenge for me is food, because I like eating. In China, I will eat 4 meals everyday—breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in night. Actually I still don’t like the American food, so I eat many Chinese snacks every night. So how to reduce the snacks is the most challenge in the part of food.



  1. Your family is on top of it when it comes to recycling water! I’ve always wanted a fancy grey water system in my house that would process water that went through the sink and shower for use in the toilet and garden, but it’s always seemed expensive and difficult. I was really overthinking it.
    Shampoo tips: Focus on the scalp, not the rest of the hair, turn off the water when you lather up. To rinse faster without leaving excess soap in, try to go section by section as quickly as possible.

  2. Nice job in reducing your water usage! I really liked hearing about how your mom reuses water that she washes fruits and vegetables with to mop or water the plants. That’s a great way to prevent wasting water. I also like your thoughts on reducing water when washing your hands, by lathering them with the soap prior to turning on the water faucet. I’m definitely going to make sure I do that this week (and in the future). As far as the showers go, the only thing I can recommend is turning off the water while you’re putting shampoo in or shaving, and then hopefully you will have saved enough water by the end so that you won’t have to skimp on conditioner. Good luck the rest of the week!

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