Smooth sailing so far

Reducing water consumption was not difficult at all.  Like Matt Montague I brushed my teeth in the shower and utilized Max Sussman’s idea of taking a cold shower.  I think that taking a cold shower is an excellent way to reduce impact this week.  It not only lessens my time in the shower, but it also saves energy by not requiring heated water.  Cold showers also invigorate you as opposed to the steaming ones that put you back to sleep for that 8:30 class.  This aspect of the week is certainly one of the easiest.

It seems like we’re all on the same wavelength about the toughest parts of the week.  It’s pretty easy to reduce waste by composting, using reusable containers, recycling, and avoiding Slayter.  When you actually stop to think about it, what items from Slayter do we all actually “need”.  I do not have a car on campus, so transportation is a no brainer.  Food is definitely tough.  Even if we do decided to eat sustainably, trips to suppliers require cars.  I guess the path one can take is to eat at Huffman or Curtis  reduce their consumption of meat, avoid over processed foods, and be happy that dining hall foods are bought in bulk containers, minimizing object obsolescence.  Energy might be the single most difficult change to make.  There are a ton of small variables that one can tweak to minimize use, like laptop settings.  One thing that helps me waste less time on the computer is an app called SelfControl.  It allows you to backlist any website for a given amount of time. This also abates the endemic worst enemy of liberal arts students: procrastination.


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  1. I’ve also heard cold water makes your hair shinier! I will try that tomorrow and see how it goes, while also turning off the water when I don’t need it. Like I said it Matt M’s post though, I will brush my teeth after my shower or at least turn off the water while I do it in the shower because I usually brush in the shower with the water on which is much more of a waste.
    I may not be ready for SelfControl yet, maybe someday…

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