SUNDAY – water

Reducing my water usage was a very good starting point for no impact week.  Wasting water will probably be one of the easiest habits to breaks.  I previously took very long showers that even my roommates were starting to complain about.  I typically have a very strict process/ritual that I go through in the shower, but I’m realizing that this wastes a lot of water.  I am able to take more efficient showers by not washing my hair during every daily shower.  This cuts my shower times in half.  Also, while brushing my teeth I now turn the faucet off when I don’t actually need it.  I could still take much more efficient showers by turning off the water when soaping.  Otherwise, my water goals are not particularly challenging and I feel that it would be a very easy lifestyle change to maintain.

This coming week I think that the food and waste day overlap will be the most difficult to achieve.  At Denison it is very easy to just go to Slayter between classes and pick up lunch or a snack.  One of the problems with Slayter food is that everything is individually wrapped.  This is where the majority of my waste derives.  Since my food is a main contributor to my waste, I will have to change both aspects on the same day rather than starting food day on Thursday.  During these days my main focus will be using reusable water bottles rather than disposable, making a lunch in my room and wrapping it in aluminum foil so I can recycle afterwards, and avoiding individually wrapped food.  I would eventually like to start a compost bin in my room and buy more fresh and local products.


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  1. I totally agree with turn the facet off. I think many people do not turn the facst off when they brush teeth, wash the face, as well as wash hand. People don’t really use water in sometimes, It is very waste the water. Furthermore, i think we also need fasten the facet after we using it. When we see the facet which do not fasten, we need fastern it.
    I think the food is also the most challenging for me. I don’t like American food, so I think I peobably can cook by myself.

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