Sunday Water

Reducing water consumption particularly on a Sunday was not very hard for me. Usually on Sundays I stay in all day and I don’t mind not taking a shower. The only times I used water today was to wash my hands and face and brush my teeth and I do it by turning off the faucet while i’m not using it. This wasn’t very hard for me because its part of my daily routine. For the rest of the week I plan on reducing water consumption by taking shorter showers which should not be very hard for me because I’ve never washed my hair everyday so it makes it easier to take shorter showers. I also plan on turning off the shower while I’m putting soap and/or shampoo on. As for brushing my teeth and washing my hands and face I plan to do it as I have been doing it but I will try to turn on the faucet only a little bit as opposed to all the way. Some days I have to do the dishes and so I plan to turn off the faucet while I’m washing the dishes.

I think that the hardest days for me this week to achieve my goals will start on Monday and Thursday. I usually use dimmer lighting instead of actual lights to do homework or whenever I need it however, I always sleep with a fan on all night because the noise helps me sleep otherwise it takes me a while to fall asleep and I’ll wake up during the night. therefore, I will try to sleep without the fan on as well as unplug everything everything else. Thursday will be hard because even though I’m a vegetarian I don’t think I will be able to buy enough organically grown food.


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  1. I am a vegetarian too so the food will be difficult especially with the lack of healthy options from Cutris, Slayter, and Huffman. Hopefully they will be serving somewhat of fresh options on Thursday!

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