Sunday- Water

Reducing water was not a challenging task for me. Initially I thought that I would struggle with the idea of lessening my water consumption, however when I thought about it more it was simple how I could use less water. I made my shower significantly shorter and turned off the water when I used shampoo, conditioner, or soap. When I filled up my water bottle I didn’t use ice, saving the water used for that. As I brushed my teeth and washed my face I was sure to make sure the faucet wasn’t on when I wasn’t using it. I also turned the faucet on for the smallest amount of time necessary when rinsing off my face or my tooth brush. Over the next week I think the energy day will be the most challenging. Especially because it gets darker earlier I use more energy for lights in the winter than I did before. Also, I have no control over the heat in my room but its always on at a high level, wasting a lot of energy. In addition to lights I also use my computer a significant amount for school work and entertainment. In order to reduce the energy wasted on using my computer I will try to not use my computer for entertainment that way the battery lasts longer and I do not have to charge it as much. In addition, I will try to change my computers sleep settings so it turns off when I am not using it.



  1. The fact that it gets dark so early is a great point.. I downloaded the app SelfControl that basically allows you to blacklist certain websites for a given amount of time, that really helps in not being tempted to check facebook or youtube and such.

  2. I agree that reducing water consumption is not much of a struggle. I find it interesting that I never made these changes before. It is such a simple lifestyle change that requires little effort or thought. I like your idea of not using ice in your water bottle, I had never thought of that but I frequently put ice in my water. If I just keep my water bottles in the refrigerator over night, then the water will probably stay cold throughout the day without wasting more water.

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