Sussman on Water Consumption

Going into the first day of our weeklong project to reduce our impact on the world I was all excitement and confidence, and actually getting to it for a whole day only boosted my confidence in the ability of our whole class to be successful in this endeavor. My biggest goal in relation to our first area of impact, water, is to eliminate the use of hot water. This seemed like the best goal to me because by only using cold water I will reduce the impact of the actual water I use as well as motivate myself to use less water. After all, who wants to stand in a cold shower all morning? With today coming to an end I would say my goal of only using cold water in the shower will be slightly harder than I expected, but fortunately I proved to myself that it is at least reasonable. The best part about this goal is that it really motivates me to shower quickly, and to have the water off as often as possible while I am showering. As far as my direct water consumption I have had some difficulty identifying the areas that I can improve on. I already keep the sink off while washing my hands, brushing my teeth, and shaving my face, so using cold water seems like the only thing I can do to improve on that front.

As far as the remainder of the week goes, I think energy will be the most difficult area for me to improve on. This is merely because of the fact that it is the easiest to ignore out of our categories, and I regularly use more energy than anything else we are dealing with.



  1. Using only cold water is a great idea. I’m in the same boat in that I never leave the faucet or shower running, and the biggest impact I could have now is probably using cold water and shorter showers. It will definitely be hard for me, though, because I love a hot shower after leaving my bed and before walking in the cold to class early in the morning.

  2. The beauty of cold showers is that you not only reduce water consumption by spending less time in the shower. You also save energy by not requiring heated water. It kills two birds with one stone. I took a cold shower today.. it’s pretty fun challenging yourself to even last in there for 5 minutes. I agree with both of you that energy will be the hardest to reduce given the amount of small variables involved in reduction, brightness of laptop screens for instance.

  3. I like the cold shower idea. Not exactly the most comfortable but then again conscience sacrifices have to be made in order reduce consumption. I’m not sure what the showers in King are like but the ones in Crawford Basement sometimes dont get hot not matter how far you turn them so I guess that helps hot water reduction. I agree with you when you say energy will be the toughest to reduce. Electricity powers so many of our modern devices that we must make a very conscience effort this week.

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