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In order to try and reduce my water consumption for the upcoming week I first had to consider where in my life I used the greatest amount of water. It only took a little reflection for me to realize my greatest water consumption by far was coming from showering. I shower every morning and sometimes just stay in an extra couple minutes for the warm water. In order to try and reduce my water usage I set goals of trying to limit my overall shower time and what I accomplish with each shower. A goal of 5 minutes per shower seemed reasonable enough as it does not really take that much time if I move with haste. I also decided to brush my teeth while I shower in the morning so that I did not have to go back to the sink after my shower and use more water. At night I will just turn off the sink while I brush. Fortunately I do not have to shave terribly often, so I decided just to make sure I turn the sink off in between rising my razor off. As day one comes to a close I have found these goals relatively easy to stick to. Shaving was not an issue today, and brushing my teeth used the shower water. The five minute shower goal was the hardest to meet, but my shower today was much shorter.

In the upcoming week I think Energy will be the hardest resource to reduce my consumption of. Many electronics in my room are always plugged in and therefore draw energy. It is also the area that I think about the least as I go about my day. It is because of that however that I have to strive harder to be more aware.


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  1. I actually am going to try something opposite to you to reduce my water usage. I usually brush my teeth in the shower in the morning (with the water still on), but I figure that I use way less water if I do less in the shower and only use a little bit of water to brush my teeth in the sink afterwards.
    And I agree that energy will be difficult for me. But I have started by plugging in my chargers to a power strip and turning it off during the day while turning off my computer while not in use. I have not gotten to the point though where I would reduce my electronic usage to preserve power.

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