Water! Day One

I was very much excited for no impact week! I explained it to my roommate and we have been working together to keep our lights off a lot more and unplugging everything we are not using. I made sure today to take a shorter shower and to turn off the sink while brushing my teeth and washing my face. Taking a colder shower was difficult for me but I managed to keep the hot water down as much as possible.

For me, food is pretty easy because I am already a vegetarian and I do not have a lot of packaged snacks in my room. Except, meal X at Slayter is difficult since it always involves plastic containers. I do not have a car so I will will not be using any transportation this week. I have always been good with taking care of my waste and making sure to recycle everything I can, and separating my composts and trash in Curtis. At home we also have a compost bin in our backyard so I am consistently sorting my trash. Every time I leave the room I make sure all the lights are off and I turn my music off. I also turn my computer off before I go to bed as to conserve more energy. Energy can be difficult though with the amount of time I spend on my laptop. Hopefully all my efforts will rub off onto my roommate and hall-mates throughout the week!


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