Christmas Lights

Today’s Energy challenge was just that, challenging. I kept forgetting to do little things in the beginning of the day, such as switch off the lights in the bathroom when I wasn’t in the the bathroom, or physically unplugging m appliances when they were in use– small things like that. It was even harder for me to switch the lights when I didn’t need them because today was such a dark day, so I made myself believe that I needed the lights to be on even when I didn’t. However, as the day went buy and the sun came out a little, I made it a point to switch off any lights that weren’t in use. The T.V. in the common room was on but no one was watching it, and this had bothered me on a number of occasions, even before No Impact Week. So I blissfully switched off the T.V. today because atleast now if anyone gets annoyed that I switched it off, I can confidently tell them that it’s my homework to do so :). I have made switching off public appliances a goal of mine during this week. Another goal of mine, which I think may be much harder, is to convince people in my hall to switch off their Christmas lights when they fall asleep. This task will be harder to do because ’tis the season to be jolly’, and part of that merry aspect of Christmas are the colorful lights. However, it is estimated that Christmas lights “consume more than six terawatt-hours per year”! That’s a whole lot of energy wasted. Not that I want to become the Grinch and steal people’s lights, but I’m going to try to convince people that they could still show Christmas spirit by keeping them on when they are actually in the room.


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  1. I like the idea of taking personal responsibility for communal appliances, most people have become so desensitized to that issue and seeing other people take it upon themselves to fix it will start planting the idea into everyones head.

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