Tardy Water Feelings

Deepest apols for the tardiness of this post.

So. Reducing the water footprint. I calculated my family (and personal) footprint using the tool from the No Impact Manual and lo and behold it was a whopping 891 gallons per day. That is truly horrifying, and probably more water than my weak, floppy self is capable of swimming across. I think I’m living a lot more frugally at Denison; I don’t do laundry very often and try to use as few loads as possible, I try to not use too many dishes in Curtiss, and now I’m trying to cut back my showers as much as possible.

Back at the ‘ol Thatcher homestead, we have but one shower and 5 ill-tempered WASPs vying for it every evening, so my mom has a strictly implemented timer policy. The timer is set for five minutes. You can try to silence it before the rest of the family hears and knows you’re taking more than your share of the hot water, but our ears have become specially attuned to the sound of that little egg timer ring, so you will probably have at least three Thatchers banging on the door and yelling at you if you don’t pick up the pace, and one of them (me) climbing out on the porch roof with a broom and whacking the bathroom window with the handle to return the fear of God to you.

Without family members threatening me with physical violence, my showers have become a bit long as of late. I usually intend to make it quick, but then I’ll be shampooing my hair, and I’ll wonder what cavemen did back in the day before soap and shampoo, or if they all just had greasy, unkempt dreadlocks all their life – the kind you get when you forget to brush your hair at Summer Camp and when you get home your mom is SO MAD and makes you get a bowl cut – and then I’ll wonder if we should start altering our evolution textbooks to have pictures of cavemen with dreadlocks in them… time slips away from me. So I’m implementing a 5 minutes policy all this week. My first one went just fine. I got all the cleaning done with none of the spacing out. I also decided to stop using all my extraneous soapages this week, so it’s out with Herbal Essences and in with a sole bottle of Dr. Bronner’s. Bless the insane man who invented that stuff! If you’ve never used Dr. Bronner’s before, I highly recommend it. It can be used as dish soap, laundry soap, body soap, mouth wash (according to a friend), shampoo, and (upon one memorable occasion) goat shampoo. It makes your hair smell great and your goats smell better.

Just to summarize, my goals for this week: no use of extraneous and unnecessary products – just Dr. B’s, and an eco-friendly face lotion I found on GoodGuide. 5 minute showers ’round the clock. Trying to cut back on computer use except in academic contexts, and trying to keep the lights off whenever possible, although my roommate apparently likes a bright and festive dorm room environment ALL DAY LONG. I’m all ready a veg so I’ll be smugly patting myself on the back for that one all week long.

I look forward to a week of short showers and abundant Dr. B’s.


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