Waste and Energy

For now, decreasing water and energy use has not been as hard as I thought it would be. Whenever I need light I only use lamps and whenever I leave the bathroom or room I always make sure the lights are turned off which is something I also do on a regular basis. before going to bed I have been unplugging my cellphone and laptop charger which I usually leave charging all night. I have also been unplugging lamps and other lights. The hardest issue in energy I have to deal with is the fan. It really helps me sleep and turning it off makes it really hard.

Today however, I realized how hard it is for me to reduce my trash, especially because I like to keep everything clean and I clean all the time and its worse when you have a suite and a bathroom to keep clean. I use a lot of Clorox wipes and paper towels and that is what makes up most of my trash. One of the ways I thought would help decrease the amount of trash I produce only by cleaning is by decreasing the amount of clorox wipes by limiting its use to things that really need it, and instead use a wet paper towel to clean and then, instead of disposing of it I can rinse it, let it dry and reuse it. Usually much of the trash I produce also comes from individually wrapped snacks such as granola bars which I eat a lot however, recently I haven’t been eating any snacks apart from fruit which I can compost and cereal which doesn’t produce as much waste. On the other hand however, a while back I set up two small posters above each trashcan- one labeled recycling and the other trash- in order to remind my roommates to recycle. It really worked, every week we have our trash can overflowing with cans and bottles and paper.

I’m really looking forward to continue to decrease my impact throughout the rest of the week.


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